A Different Perspective

Oprah at the Apollo

Trevor Noah and Oprah recently talked about “The Black Tax”. If you are white, you may not have heard of this term before. I don’t think I had an appreciation for it until Trevor unpacked it.

I am constantly trying to see the other side of things. I don’t want to just view life through my lens and the lens I was born with. It’s important to hear other perspectives and, for me, the voices I want to hear are the ones that aren’t always the loudest or those that haven’t gotten the most play.

I was the type of white person that Trevor mentions but that was years ago and I have had my eyes opened many times since. If you watch the full video¬†from Oprah at the Apollo – part of OWN’s Super Soul Sessions lineup, it is at roughly the 34 minute mark (or 8:35 from the end) that you will find this segment and discussion. I think it’s worth hearing.