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Hi! I’m Phoebe. Online I’m known as PhoebeFeed but in real life I’m Phoebe Moncrief.  To find out more about me…Read More

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Welcome to PhoebeFeed

Well, you’ve found me – not that I was hiding. I love social media and the internet and spend a great deal of time here. The first social media site I joined was Twitter and I had no intention of contributing. I just planned to use it as my personal Headline News – Phoebe’s feed. Hence the name PhoebeFeed.

It didn’t take long before I was hooked and began contributing. In the early days, all I talked about was Oprah.  She had just joined Twitter herself so it made it feel safe to explore. I began following her and contributing to conversations about Oprah and her new network, OWN, and I soon became connected to a great community.  Eventually, I even met Oprah. And three times now, I’ve had the honor of sharing an afternoon with her absorbing the wisdom that she shares so willingly.

Now I’m branching out and putting thoughts to screen.  This site will evolve as my thoughts do. This is my happy place so all hate will be removed.

The Three Times I Have Been with Oprah

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I’m a pretty simple person but if you need to know more, here are some FAQs about me. PhoebeFeed FAQs