Live Your Life Passionately

Live Your Passion. It’s a phrase used frequently these days. The general concept is to follow your bliss, live the life of your dreams and thrive. It’s a great concept and motto but it can often leave you feeling incomplete. What if your passion is something that can’t support you or, Heaven forbid, you don’t even know what your passion is?  Then what? I’d like to offer you an alternative that is just as gratifying – Live Your Life Passionately.  That’s what I choose to do. My day does not always begin with a plan and a purpose but every day holds opportunity. I am keenly aware that tomorrow is not guaranteed and that we must make the most of each moment on the planet so I try to live in every one of those moments.

Who knows what today will hold? An email, a phone call or even a tweet may come my way today and set my path.  I cannot control any of those things but I can control how I will react to them and the energy I’ll put into them. Right now, I will live passionately in THIS moment and will give it my attention.

Living passionately for me just means taking it all in – the sights, the sounds, the smells. Being fully alive in each moment.  Life IS my passion and I embrace it.

I try to focus more on making sure what I do is putting that good into the lives of others.  I do that with enthusiasm and passion. I smile, cajole and play with people I encounter each day. I look for ways to lift people up. I tell people I care about them and I appreciate the things that happen in my day.  Even when the days have held sadness and pain, I have found the blessing and silver lining in them – and there always is one. I do not carve out time in my day to meditate or pray though I have often fit both in, but instead, I make a conscious effort to listen to the soundtrack of life, to pay attention to the backdrop and to inhale the aroma of the world around me.  Even as I write this, it is 6 am and the silence of night is giving way to the celebration of the sunrise. The songbirds are singing, the crows are cawing and the bustle of life is beginning as it does every day and I am taking a moment to draw it all in. Grateful for the promise of this new day.

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