Place Your Order with the Universe

Tonight I am going to experience my second pinch me moment.  Oprah's Lifeclass show on Guilt will air tonight and, if all goes as anticipated, I will hear my name said again.  This episode was taped back in May and I watched it on Livestream because several of my friends were in the audience and one was Skyping in on video.  I was excited for them and watched with eager anticipation knowing that at some point my friends would get to speak with Oprah.

As the show went on, I tweeted a comment about the show.  Suddenly I saw my tweet appear on the wall behind Iyanla Vanzant's head and then I heard Oprah read it aloud and then she, the guest, Amy, and Iyanla proceeded to say my name 32 times (yes, I counted and so would you).  I couldn't believe it but in hindsight, I realized that I had ordered that moment for myself.

A few weeks before, I had been chatting online with Megan Castran/ Jewelchic about her moments with Oprah.  In case you don't know, Megan hosted Oprah at her home in Australia for "Taco Night" during Oprah's 25th and final season of the Oprah Winfrey Show when Oprah took her entire audience to Australia.  Megan asked, "Have you never met Oprah before?"  I confessed that, unlike many people in our OWN Ambassadors group, I had not.  I told Megan that I didn't want to have a photo op moment where I stood in line and then got 30 seconds to have my picture made and then got hustled out the door.  I said, "I want to write something, have Oprah read it and have it connect with her.  That's the kind of Oprah moment I want."   Little did I know just a few short weeks later, my order would be approved and received.

So I encourage all of you to dream big and place your order with the universe.  Amazing things can happen and do.  I hope you'll tune in to this episode as well as others in the series.  It is truly uplifting and life-changing television.